Sunday, February 9, 2020

Our School - Week 1

We had a lovely first few days getting to know each other, and finding our way around our school.
Looking at the Kowhai tree - we are in the Kowhai Team.

The Library.
We will go to the Library every Friday after Positive Assembly.

The Hall.

Kowhai Playground - right outside our room!

The Taniwha Mural.

The Swimming Pool. 

The Office.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020


Welcome to Room 1! 

Nau mai, haere mai.

Ko Te Weraiti toku maunga
Ko Waihou toku awa
No Matamata ahau
Kei Kirikiriroa toku kaianga inaianei
Ko te Kura o Hamutana Rawhiti toku kura
Ko Follows toku whanau
Ko John toku matua
Ko Carol toku whaea
Ko Hendry taku taane
Ko Thomas raua ko Emily aku tamariki
Ko Rhonda Follows taku ingoa
No reira tena koutou tena koutou, tena koutou katoa.

Hello, Kia Ora, Ni Hao, Assalamualaikum.

My name is Rhonda Follows.  
I am the teacher in Room 1.
My background is in early childhood education, and teacher education.  
I have been teaching New Entrants at Hamilton East School for 4 years.  
My passions are transition to school and learning through play.   
I am the team leader of the Kiwi Hub which is part of the Kowhai Team.  
If you have any questions I am available each morning from 8.30am to 8.50am, alternatively, I am available some afternoons after 3.00pm.
I look forward to getting to know you all this year. 

Saturday, August 24, 2019


We watched the Kaboom show on Monday.  This show was about percussion and all the different ways we can make sounds, with our bodies and with everyday objects.
Kat and Josh were great fun, the children were very engaged, and there was even a little bit of magic in the show.

Drumming on Mitre 10 buckets

The magic eggs 

Drumming on chairs

Drumstick tricks

Here is some Kaboom writing some children did:

I liked the dress ups and eggs.
By Gloria.

I liked the cup one.
By Ky.

I liked the magic cups.
By Dontae.

The best part was the magic sticks.
By Elisha.

I liked it when they did the magic.
They moved the cups around and the water did not spill.
By Eden.

I liked when Theo was the magician giving Kat the rattling eggs.
It was fun.
By Nessie.

I liked it when Cat and Josh were making tricks with the cups. 
The drums were loud.
By Samantha.

I liked the drums and Kaboom.
By Brodie.

I liked watching the drums.
I liked it when they dropped the drumsticks.
By Isaiah.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Tuesday Gymnastics

Every Tuesday at 9.00am we go to the hall to explore gymnastics.
This week we walked on the beam, jumped on the mini tramp and tried to land on 2 feet, and did forward rolls (roly-poly's).
Moving in this way is great for coordination, balance, core body strength, and overall confidence.

Gymnastics writing
I liked balancing on the beam.
When I was finished I hopped off.
By Eden.

I liked when I was on the balancing beam.
I walked fast.
By Nessie.

I liked doing roly poling on the mat.
I had to tuck my chin.
By Samantha.

I like roly poling on the mat.
It was fun.
The balancing pole was fun.
I put my arms out.
By Elizabeth.

Matariki Writing

Some of our writing about Matariki.

Response to our book Matariki Breakfast.

I liked the Matariki breakfast.
It was stew.
By Samantha.

I liked when Tama-nui-te-ra was hiding behind the mountain.
By Nessie.

I liked to watch the Matariki stars.
They were sparkling.
By Elizabeth.

I liked the Matariki breakfast.
There was porridge in the bowl.
By Eden.

I saw the sun and the stars.
They are hot.
By Amelia.

I saw Grandma cooking sausages.
By Ethan.

I saw the Matariki stars.
By Hawaiki.

I liked the people eating the kai.
By Hannah.

I liked the sun and the stars.
By Lucas.

Other responses to Matariki -
I like Matariki stars.
By Brodie.

I like singing Matariki songs.
By Gloria.

I like watching Matariki Breakfast the book.
The end was my favourite part.
By Ryan.

I like the Matariki video.
By Ky.

I like Matariki stars and Matariki kites.
By Isaiah.


We have been celebrating Matariki in Room 1.
The children made Matariki kites with Aimee.

Flying our kites

Kite writing
My kite zoomed really fast.
By Hannah.

I liked flying my kite in the wind.
By Ethan.

I liked lifting off my kite.
By Lucas.

I liked the kite flying fast.
By Hawaiki.

I like my kite.
It looks like a rainbow.
By Isaiah.

I like flying my kite.
By Gloria.

I like my kite.
It is speedy.
By Brodie.

I like my kite.
It flies fast.
By Ky.

I was having fun with my kite.
By Dontae.

Carving with Ronnie

We have been lucky to have a carver working at school.
His name is Ronnie.
We went to visit Ronnie in Rm 6 to see him carving.

When we came back to class we wrote about visiting Ronnie, and what we saw.

I saw the carving.
I saw koru patterns.
By Brodie.

I liked putting my hand on the carving.
By Isaiah.

I liked watching Ronnie carve the pole.
It is hard.
By Elizabeth.

I liked looking at Ronnie carving.
He used his chisel to carve the wood.
By Eden.

I liked Ronnie carving the pole.
He used tools.
By Samantha.

I saw the spider on the wood.
By Amelia.

I like the carving.
By Ky.

Our School - Week 1

We had a lovely first few days getting to know each other, and finding our way around our school. Looking at the Kowhai tree - we are in ...